Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, by a stroke of bad luck, I got incredibly sick last week with a 'severe throat infection'. Fever lasted about 5 days and the throat, oh the throat, was so bad it was actually and literally BLEEDING. Honestly for a while I thought it was something much worse, like dengue, but thankfully that was not the case and I have made a full recovery.
Still, not fun man. It's like waking up and feeling like a zombie, shuffling your feet, head being stupidly and hilariously heavy, feeling so weak that my heavy head seems to be tipping over my whole body. Not a good feeling really, and as far as I can recall this is about the only time I was so sick I couldn't walk straight.

Be on your toes when I'm around though, I might just turn into one.


In other news, ZH is back, and crazier than ever! Glad to see him still being a retard, cause well, I'm pretty much in the same league and I'm glad there's still another idiot around to group myself with! P/S Throat is feeling fine now, when are we gonna do the bucket KFC party?!

Oh and, had a guys' day out just a few days ago. Nothing out of the ordinary, heh, good times. Watched a great movie, Super8 by JJ Abrams. Glad to see that he hasn't lose his finesse on the silver screen. Super8 is as suspenseful as it is touching, it really is nice to see kids starring in a pretty serious film. Although the plot is a little typical, but putting kids as the main characters is what made the film different ultimately. All of them are innocent and dealt with the situations in the film like kids instead of going all Michael Bay on the (spoiler) alien's ass. And to top all that off, the kids can actually act! Some of them very well too, stars on the rise? Can't tell, but this is one film definitely worth watching and worth rewatching. It also seems to be a Father's Day tribute.


Then about my studies, it's a whole lot of sitting around and waiting for something to do really. Because of my little stint in Selangor Times, Intro to Journalism and Advanced Media Writing classes are incredibly easy. So much so that I didn't thought possible. Those 2 classes are basically a recital of what I already know. Then it's seminar class, requires the class to organise an event. Sounds hard? I assure you it's probably harder than it sounds. I am head of the 'Special Tasks Group', no we're not some Navy Seal special forces shit. On the contrary, we're supposed to be dealing with misc. So far, the group has little more than just waiting around for something to do really. Bright side is, with the deadline closing in we're probably gonna get real busy real soon.


Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes! The long awaited revival of my personal blog, courtesy of Yong Zheng Hong kicking my flabby arse into gear. Now, I'm gonna update this blog every week (or so, if I remember, yeah, I'm lazy), it's a pact I made with Zheng Hong and lets see how long we both can keep it up. 'For what?' you might ask, and 'because I can' I'll answer. Well on the plus side, this journalist in learning / training can start practising on his writing, so hey, why not indeed.

So this will be the first post I'll be typing up in more than 3 quarters of a year now, this blog demands some spring cleaning! First up is my unofficial 'mascot', if anything he or she makes things more interesting. Anything and everything that comes through this blog will have the TuTuTruppen seal of approval! Not that you need it but it's a freebie, and you know you LOVE freebies.

It's stupid time!

Well, the seal of approval is still at work so I guess I'll post that up another time. On the other hand, time to catch up with my life. I'll post only brief stuff in here to keep things interesting, although I don't know how it could be. But read on and tell yourself it's interesting, and it will be. If it isn't, sucks to be you and no refunds for your time wasted.

First things first, things seem to be going fairly well in my studies. Took two of the hardest subjects in my final year courses and miraculously managed to scrape through. Not a very happening semester per se, but one of my favourite lecturers left the university and it's a damn shame really. UCSI knows nothing but money making and kept letting good lecturers go, pretty soon this place will have none of them left. Thank heavens I'm leaving the place in a year.

And oh, I have a girlfriend now. She's cute, intelligent, hardworking, creative, dedicated, and etc. Yeap, she's that good. Being around her makes me feel like an idiot but I'm also happy as a 5 year old kid in a house made of marshmallows. Due to her being a very private person I won't reveal her name and no pix to feast your eyes, sorry (NOT, I still get to see her almost everyday). I would like to keep it that way too.

Thar the kitten!
D'aawwwww...(she's about THIS cute)

Been working out a fair bit lately, no major progress in my little mission to shed a few kilos. But I have perhaps gained a wee bit of muscles as pointed out by my gf and may have lost a bit of weight.
Then it also appears that my hairline is thinning, pretty young to be at this stage but extremely expensive (RM180 for shampoo and conditioner!) hair fall solution seems to be helping. Punched a pretty big hole in my wallet that month.

And I guess that's about it? Will keep you guys posted, once a week if I remember.

Addio Amici

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weird ass dream o.o

I was taking my afternoon nap just now cuz I was feeling kinda down (health-wise) and tired. So instead of my usual 2 hours I slept for 4 hours +. Then I had a dream, I don't remember my dreams but this is so damn weird I can't get it out of my head -.-

1st up, it seems like it wasn't a dream cuz it's so natural. I was just having a meal at my dining table with my family, the only difference is that I have my com speaker on the dining table and it's working, playing my choices of music while the rest of my family didn't seem to give 2 shits about it. Then I was just chilling outside my place, and apparently my brother needs to get across to the other house to get something but he didn't have his key. SO he just jumped right over the gate with a lower base as a stepping stone but he did it like he's a kungfu master in levitation and that was the easy stuff -____-Then he grabbed a magazine and came right back. It was weird...yeah...but I didn't think too much about it cuz he IS an avid rock climber so he just MIGHT know how to do that cuz of his rock climbing experiences.

Then for one reason or another, like a poorly written scrpit of some b-rated hollywood movie I ended up running after a car which for what purpose I don't quite clearly remember. What I do remember is however being pissed at a friend after losing sight of the car. Plus side is probably cuz I seem to have good stamina and strength cuz I ran for quite some time before getting breathless.

And yet again I ended up somewhere which doesn't relate to the previous events. I was happily jogging in an unfamiliar neighborhood and someway somehow made my way into a high school where I met my juniors Andy, Joshua, and Guan Ting in there when they're having an assembly. For some reason Joshua didn't seem to be studying in the school and was driving 2 girls to somewhere and I asked him whether he can give me a ride to 1u cuz my car is over there.

And then without any transition or whatsoever again I ended up in my car driving in what looks like a countryside area after heavy rain as the ground is really wet. I remember thinking how the heck did I end up in my car, but I didn't think about it too much as I was driving. Then when I was making a small u-turn somehow the car skidded off and into a wall like the floor is made out of ice. I got out of the car and assessed the damage, it's nothing more than a small dent and some paint transfer. Then I got back in the car and Kenneth was there doing his stupid ass laugh saying it's expected cuz I was going too fast. I started getting confused at that point. I wasn't even driving remotely fast cuz I simply don't drive fast when it's wet for fear of accidents.

Then we're heading back to KL, I remember driving along some really curvy roads and there are natural fountains on the left side that look really beautiful. Then shit went downhill, my steering feels heavy and unresponsive, my brakes aren't working properly ( I can feel my self slowing down but never slow enough to avoid a crash), my car ran onto the curb like it's nothing and back onto the road like it's just a minuscule bump on the road. It feels like I'm driving a fucking hovercraft -.- Then finally, I realize I'm in a dream, and I woke up before I rear ended a car. I noticed another thing right about now though, all the cars I dodged on the mountain roads were all some sort of Mercedes SUV.

Put all that together and I got a huge WTF moment for a dream -___-

Seriously...what the hell?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Extremely confused

For the 1st time in my life, I am to make a decision that will decide my very future. This is the kind of decision that will make or break a person as well as the people around him. I haven't faced a problem of this magnitude before, but I need to make a choice, and this choice is going to affect a lot of people in a lot of different ways. I'm at this moment trying my best to keep my head as clear and as logical as I possibly can, and this problem has left me tossing and turning in my bed for a long time.

What does one do, when the 2 choices one is presented with is equally important, the life changing type of important. I have tried weighing the options, both of them are what I value at heart. I have also considered every situational outcome of these 2 choices, and I simply cannot make the best out of these 2 options. No matter how long have I thought this out, I have arrived to the same conclusion.

Whichever decision that I make, I would have to sacrifice something great in return. No one said life is ever going to be easy, but this problem really has left me at a loss. My logic is telling me to take one decision, but my feelings are telling me to take the other. The worst part is, neither of the choices are wrong. Both of them are right in their very own ways.

As of now, my feelings are outweighing my logic and my decision is leaning that way. That said, I am still at a loss. If I do follow my feelings there will be a whole load of shit down the road, and I really need to be ready for that. I need to brace myself for what's to come, and it's not going to be pretty.

My father approached me today morning. He noticed the way I'm leaning to now and he told me this, "I really am not against you leaning that way, but please do consider this. If you go down this road, it will get really complicated. I am not telling you what to do, but you really have to think about this."

Jono if u're reading this, please contact me on msn as soon as possible. I'll fill you in on the details. I have already let all the involved parties know, including May and Kit, and being part of the family you deserve to know too. You can call home if u want to, but please ask specifically for me if you do. This is something extremely private and it's better that I tell you myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So it is with terrible luck that I twisted my ankle really badly about 3 weeks ago...Can't even limp around at the time and I had to resort to crutches... damage is quite severe as there are at least torn ligaments and the x-ray showed what MIGHT be a fracture around there...but I don't think it is since I'm already up and about...still not running of course...

And that brings us to one huge problem...There's supposed to be paintball, but thx to my little blunder the plan's all gone to hell...need to reschedule but the timings really aren't looking all that's assignment season and most of my friends that I have invited will be quite busy or already are...we are after all close to finals and all final assignments are due for submission in the next 1 or 2 weeks...oh this rate paintball might have to wait till next semester : \

There is something good going on though of cuz...I have actually get to spend alot of time with my friends because of this...especially with Tharshinaa...just so fun to hang around her, simply not a moment of boredom...and lets not forget about ZH...really appreciate them getting me through this...and as for kenneth...I haven't seen him since I twisted my ankle...and because of that he has little news of how I am...and I kinda pulled a prank on him saying I need to have it amputated...he fell for it but I didn't take it too far :P

And lastly...assignment season...need me say more?

That's all folks

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh hello there...

Been a while my little inactive nowadays...but I bring good tidings today and I'm going to update this lonely blog...

1st up...I have finally started working out again...mainly to get rid of some excessive fat and my plan to pick up a martial art by the end of the year...stamina training is in the picture as well but so far not much progress...but hey, nobody said this is going to be easy lol...

2nd...I consider myself to be bloody lucky as I picked up a subject that's taught by my favorite lecturer...He's my favy for a reason...he's simply one of the best around...He gave us this assignment that requires us to travel to a backpacker hot spot to interview other backpackers for research...Sounds awesome...but I got grouped up with the Brotherhood of The Stoned...My group members are simply the kinda people that enjoys life a little too much...getting drunk and stoned is their definition of fun...not my cup of tea though...while it might sound like they're a sketchy bunch...they're actually pretty good people who just enjoys different things than I I can't exactly judge them on that now can I? Besides...we all did what we're supposed to do...nobody slacked off or anything...which is just awesome...The other bad thing about this assignment is that I came home with a really severe sunburn...It's in fact so bad that my skin is peeling off everywhere on my's like I have a map of Russia on my back...I guess this is what you get for not being generous enough on the sun screen lotion...

3rd...say yes to a matter of fact...say hell yes...I gave up arcade games to make room for other more beneficial basketball...and training in instead of playing arcade games once every week...I play basketball once every week and jog 3 times a week...I do miss playing tekken in the arcade sometimes...but NOTHING...and I mean basketball...If there's one thing that's worth remembering in my high would be basketball...

4th...this would be the 3rd time I'm trying to organize a paintball trip...the last 2 times I tried I have failed could probably put it in the epic fail category if u want to but meh...I'm doing it again and hopefully I'll get enough people for it...

That's all Folks

Friday, April 2, 2010


This is's been 3 months since I've updated my blog...yet again mainly cause it's been very uneventful...k maybe not when my elder bro is back...then again we didn't really do much when he's back...the paintball trip never happened...and most of the time he's away with his friends so I didn't really get to spend much time with him anyway...

Then it's CNY...this year's CNY is kinda sad really...we've only visited one place...we used to visit like 4 houses...Well it's not that I like to go to these visitations cuz it's damn tiring in the 1st place...and we do nothing more than sit and snack on CNY snacks while the adults chat away...But I was taught to be courteous ever since I was a little boy...and not visiting our distant relatives or whoever they are just feels kinda awkward...But of cuz I was also thankful that it was over fast...cuz it's still boring XD

Speaking about CNY...I just realized that I haven't touched my I went and take a look...and literally discovered treasure XD

That's about the only interesting that has happened all semester long...oh but there's these 2 incidents that I got screwed over by my assignment group members...then again that really is nothing new...something to be expected from uni life...Something I didn't expect though was to have lunch alone with a girl twice in a week...say what you want but I usually have lunch on my own and this is relatively new stuff to me...I enjoyed it though :P